Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mother Nature

Mother nature and Brighthope are fighting right now. Not an all out brawl mind you, but we are having words. If you ask any breeder they will always tell you that they are thinking 1-3 years down the road as to what they are planning for the next breedings. Beautiful Justy and handsome Dapper are planned for the next breeding here at Brighthope. Justy does not have regular cycles but we figured she would be in season in June and so we planned our summer accordingly. This is where mother nature kicked in and has control of the situation. So we are waiting patiently for Justy and of course I haven't told Dapper that he is getting the call this time so he is none the wiser. We have a breeding planned between Allure and Ciron, this is a repeat breeding that produced some lovely puppies including our gorgeous Eclat. Little Arine is growing into a lovely young girl and if all goes "according to plan" she will be bred to Ciron in the next year or so. So here at Brighthope we have lots to look forward to. We always welcome your visits to meet our pack and learn about the breed. Be sure to make note of our new email address. After a couple of months of on again off again problems, I have a new server, and just to complicate matters even more, I also have a new computer. And no, I am not a techy person so this is not exciting. Off to continue my discussion with mother nature.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Email Address

We have recently changed our email address and will now be receiving emails at

Please update your Brighthope Kennel contact info with that addy--Thanks!!