Sunday, November 09, 2014


CH. SCOOP GIRL (france) March 13, 2001-Nov. 8, 2014

We said goodbye to Dani yesterday. It was sad, but we knew she had lived a good "dog's life" in her 13 plus years. Imported from France in September 2001 Dani spent her first years with the late Kim Spelmer at Shireoak Kennels. She was a beautiful show dog and became a Canadian Champion. It was then time for motherhood. Dani produced one puppy from her first breeding. That puppy became our first Blue Picardy Spaniel, CH. Shireoak The Midnight Storm, Mr. Ciron, as he is sometimes referred to. Dani moved to Brighthope and produced her last litter here in May 2008. When her motherly duties were finished I had a perfect home in mind for her with my dear friend Maureen. Dani lived the last 6years being loved and pampered as the only dog. She was totally devoted to Maureen and there was a beautiful bond between them.
Goodbye sweet Dani, we will miss your lovely old soul.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

WHY ??

WHY.............that's what the Blues have been asking the last few days.

It's time to get up.....WHY are you still in bed??

It's time to eat....WHY aren't you feeding us??

It's time for a walk.....WHY aren't we walking??

It's time to go to bed......WHY are you still up??

Dogs live in the moment, so when you take sixty of those "moments" and move them, the Blues let you know that you shouldn't be messing with their schedule. The "fall behind" time change always makes it interesting here at Brighthope.

Here is a lovely picture that our daughter Laurie took on the weekend when she was "dogsitting" for us.