Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Well I found out today that Picardy Park is big enough for a 9 week old puppy to play hide and go seek. There was a break in the snow storm (yes it is April 2nd) so we all headed out for a good run. Five minutes in and the snow started again and the wind picked up. The big guys didn't mind as we all know how much Blues love the snow. Even the puppies decided that it is great in Picardy Park regardless of the weather and they ventured off together but always in sight. After about 30 minutes or so it was time to come in and I did a head count 5 adults and 2 puppies, good. By the time we got to the gate there was 5 adults and 1 puppy. We waited and I called but no second puppy. Picardy Park is not that far from the house but at times because of the blowing snow I couldn't see the house. So pick up 1st puppy and get everyone into the house. Decide to take Allure back out with me, after all it is her "kid". She decides to follow me because I am making nice tracks in the snow, so back into the house with her. So remember that 9 week old puppies are still fairly light in colour and this puppy has only 2 small black patches on her back, plus the snow was well up over my boots. Time lapse by now is about 10 minutes, I just start walking and calling, of course I haven't decided on names yet so I am just calling puppy, puppy. Finally after another 5 minutes I saw movement under one of the spruce trees and sure enough there she is happily digging around in the snow and needles unaware that her buddy is safe and warm inside and that she was all alone in Picardy Park. She looks up and decides that I am the "boggy man" (I had put the hood of my coat up) and made me crawl under the spruce tree to get her.

I wonder what name I should give her!!!