Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Smart Blue

And one proud breeder. "Brighthope Time To Dance" aka "Indigo" has completed her Canadian Companion Dog title, she will now have the initials CD behind her name. Indigo was born on Sept. 29, 2008 here at Brighthope. Her dam, our beautiful Nola and her sire, that handsome boy Tristan who belonged to the late Kim Spelmer. Indigo was "puppy #5" and had 9 littermates. She was our pick of the litter and was still here with us when John and Sharon contacted us about the Blues. We were thrilled to let this puppy go to them. John and Sharon had bred Flat Coated Retrievers and decided that it was time for a new breed. So puppy #5 was renamed Indigo and went to live with John, Sharon and Elijah. Sharon's sister, Cheryl, and their son Elijah are Indigo's trainers and they have nothing but praise for this little Blue. Indigo is the second Blue in Canada to earn a CD. Morgan who was owned by Don and Kathy Fath in Alberta was the first. From here on in any higher level obedience titles that she receives will be a first for a Blue Picardy in Canada. And her owners and trainers have no doubt that she will move on in obedience. So you can see why as Indigo's breeder I am so proud and thrilled for her. I am certainly seeing the Blue Picardy as a very versatile breed. Yes they are excellent in the field as pointing dogs but I see much more for this relatively new breed here in Canada.