Tuesday, March 03, 2015


We were so pleased when we learned that Journey (a Suede/Nola puppy from 2009) had become a Therapy Dog. We had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Jack and Jeanne when they made the trip to Canada to pickup Journey.


Jeanne writes: I am letting you know that Journey and Jack were certified as a therapy dog team by K-Pets (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services). They went through 10 weeks of instruction before being certified. As part of the training, Journey also passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. They enjoy visiting a nursing home, assisted living facility, freshmen students at a local college, the library, and a facility for developmentally challenged adults. They have recently applied to a local hospital for their acceptance for therapy dog services. Journey is a good ambassador for the Blue Picardy Spaniel in this part of the USA. We always have wonderful things to say about the breed.

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful news. Yea, I am a proud breeder.