Sunday, February 26, 2012


Ciron turned 8 years old today. He was the first Blue Picardy to take up residence here at Brighthope. The only puppy from the Dani/Sam breeding he was nicknamed Johnny in the whelping box and is still referred to as Johnny Ciron by some of his friends. His breeder Kim Spelmer and I knew that he was a special boy from the start and he proved us right. His presence alone demands respect from all our Blues ( well except for the girls (at times) but that is a whole different blog). He still thinks he is a lap dog when visitors come to meet our Blue Picardies and everyone always comments about his great temperament. Some folks have asked us if we ever place some of our older dogs in new homes, the answer is "at times". But not "this time". We will be celebrating many more birthdays with our beautiful boy Ciron.

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