Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Indigo is now the first ever Blue Picardy Spaniel to achieve a CDX Obedience title in Canada.

Cheryl, Indigo and Obedience judge

Even though her trainer Cheryl wasn't real pleased with her score, her breeder (me) was thrilled to watch her work from ringside. Yes she did throw in a few "Blue" traits, like using her nose to get to know the judge better. We all know how the Blues learn a lot about life with their noses. Where we have been, who we have been with and if we may have "cheated" on them by petting another dog in their absence. I was on the edge of my chair, when in the final exercise (the down stay) Indigo wasn't really sure if she felt like laying down. Cheryl told me later that she sensed Indigo was just about to tell her that if someone needed to lay down maybe Cheryl should instead. Indigo eventually did do the down and held her stay to complete the exercise.

It takes lots of training and dedication to compete in obedience and every trainer has walked out of the ring a few times and wondered where their dog learned that "silly thing" they just did in the ring.
I believe the Blue Picardy to be a very intelligent animal and I saw evidence of that watching Indigo work. I also saw the "clowns" they can be at times which we know only endears them even more to our hearts.
A great team

Ribbons and scores


Blue Kisses

A GREAT BIG THANKS to Cheryl, John, Sharon and Elijah and of course Indigo.

Onward and upward to the next level of obedience, stay tuned.

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